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Global Alliance for Community Empowerment (GACE) is a nonprofit organization established by Alaffia and volunteers from around the world.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower African communities through the advancement of fair trade, education, sustainable living, and gender equality. This mission guides all our actions - from the focus of our programs to how we allocate resources and report our results.

We will achieve our mission by:

1. Drawing upon a broad base of volunteers, working collaboratively with partners and complementing the activities of others engaged with related missions;

2. Working with our Alaffia and volunteers around the world to keep abreast of needs and opportunities, help monitor the effectiveness of ongoing programs and projects, and assess the feasibility of developing new programs that reflect our values and mission;

3. Conducting education and training activities that are focused on the advancement of fair trade, education, sustainable living and gender equality.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be an organization that aids communities in Africa to achieve a sustainable standard of living. This vision declares our aspirations and identifies what we are striving to become in the years ahead. Our vision draws upon the values and commitments that underlie our existence and provides guidance for dealing with essential matters arising from day-to-day events and preoccupations.

Our Values and Principles

The following principles are our rules of conduct and are standards that guide our decisions, programs and resource allocation. These principles are based on the values and beliefs of people associated with our organization. Together, our beliefs and values constitute the essence of GACE culture and provide motivation, stability, and direction.

1. Integrity and Professionalism: The responsibility and trust placed in GACE by supporters, volunteers, partners, and the public must be earned every day. GACE will exercise the highest ethical and professional standards in all of its endeavors, provide self-evaluation, solicit feedback on progress, and be held accountable for results.

2. Commitment to People: Success in achieving our vision and mission depends upon the people of GACE. Our organizational culture must encourage individuals to achieve their potential, value their contributions, and provide opportunities to improve personal skills and knowledge through training and education.

3. Innovation and Resourcefulness: To accomplish our goals requires vision, resourcefulness, a responsible entrepreneurial spirit, and adaptability to change. We encourage innovative ideas that lead to practical applications grounded in credible knowledge and experience.

4. Effective Partnerships: Success relies on constructive and productive partnerships with a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

Our Strategic Goals
Our strategic goals identify and orient organizational efforts. GACE has chosen the following four strategic goals to enhance our organizational capacity and programs.

1. Support community programs that reflect our values and mission in our communities in Africa.

2. Focus on programs that address at least two of our special concerns (fair trade, gender equality, education and the environment) and that can be realistically achieved within resources and means.

3. Work with other organizations and individuals across the globe who share our goals and values.

4. Serve as a model for other African and global organizations who wish to empower their communities.

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