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GACE is a U.S.-based non-profit organization with the mission of empowering African communities through the advancement of fair trade, education, sustainable living, and gender equality. Since our creation, GACE has primarily been involved with supporting the community empowerment projects conducted by Alaffia in its communities in central Togo. Alaffia was founded to preserve the indigenous knowledge and traditions of handmade shea butter production in Togo, as well as to establish a fair trade market for this internationally sought-after indigenous West African resource. Alaffia returns 10 percent of its sales to Togo to fund community projects that empower families and communities that are not benefiting directly through employment with the Alaffia Shea Butter Cooperative. These projects are aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality and target problems such as exclusion from education, maternal deaths and environmental degradation.

GACE was established to provide individuals and organizations a platform for participating in Alaffia’s community projects. Through GACE, individuals and groups can participate directly in Alaffia’s community projects – from volunteering their time to donating to the projects. We believe that supporting Alaffia’s empowerment projects is leading us toward our vision of helping communities reach a sustainable standard of living.

* Bicycles for Education - Since 2005, Alaffia has collected and sent over 7,000 used bicycles to disadvantaged students in Togo so they can get to and from school.

* Maternal Health - Each year, Alaffia provides pre- and postnatal care to 1,000 women in Togo to help reduce high maternal death rates in West Africa.

* School Supplies & Repairs - Alaffia builds school buildings and donates metal roofs, benches and school supplies to schools in rural Togo to help communities education their youth.

* Reforestation & Environment - To combat effects of climate change and deforestation, Alaffia plants 10,000 trees each year and builds home biogas units.

If you would like more information on these projects, please see Empowerment


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